Help us lord jesus

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Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors, Giving Praise Honor and Glory to our Heavenly Father. Sorry to bother you all again. Please pray for me and my family. Continue to pray for Michael Jr., he is back on alone on the streets still having problems mentally. I asked and prayed that others would show him love and compassion but he has not gotten that from his own family. I was trying to assist my son,trying to get him to go to the hospital, his father told him he could no longer stay with us and told me I will have to leave as well. Michael has a lot of bizarre behaviors because he’s not taking his medication. He is a beautiful person and sometimes can’t help himself. It really pains me that after all these years my husband will not support us. I lost everything that I had and it hurts that I couldn’t even give him a dime. I’m praying that the good Lord will place his loving arm around my son, protect him, provide for him, guide him and show his mercy on all of us. Thank you all for you time. God’s Blessings

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The Williams Brothers

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Track Listing

1 God’s Amazing Grace The Williams Brothers 6:36
2 Help Us Jesus, Help Us Lord The Williams Brothers 4:20
3 I’ll Fly Away The Williams Brothers 2:09
4 Jesus Done Blew My Mind The Williams Brothers 2:12
5 Jesus Will Fix It Traditional The Williams Brothers 5:00
6 Let God Get Involved The Williams Brothers 1:58
7 You Better Check Yourself The Williams Brothers 3:13
8 Trust in the Lord Traditional The Williams Brothers 2:44
9 Yes, Jesus Loves Me The Williams Brothers 3:28
10 Sit Down and Rest Awhile The Williams Brothers 2:34

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“Beginnings are mostly scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s what in the middle that counts.”  Hope Floats

My youngest grandson, Reese, had an experience in his kindergarten class a couple of weeks ago which reflects my feelings exactly as we enter this new year.  His teacher was calling out vocabulary words to the class – easy ones. In the expertise of a teacher, she then challenged the class by saying, “Ya’ll are so smart, I am going to have to give you some really hard words now.” Reese threw up his hands and loudly exclaimed, “Oh Lord Jesus help us all!”

As I reflect on the year two thousand and sixteen, I realize that you never know what a year will bring!  This year has had its share of changes for me…Randy’s retirement, my adjustment to that, Mama’s sudden death…our adjustment to that, and countless other things that are out of my control. I was thinking that this was the worst year, and I find myself repeating, Lord Jesus, help us all!

We were all at Mama’s this week loading furniture, cleaning out, and just generally tying up some loose ends.  We had rented a dumpster, and we were methodically filling it up with 70 years of things!  We put her nicer things in front of the dumpster hoping some one would need them.  We put her computer monitor in front.  As I was walking to the dumpster, yet again, a car pulled over and a little boy got out.  He walked tentatively toward the monitor while looking at me.  Randy and I saw him at the same time, and both of us waved him over.  His mom got out of the car and came over to join us.  She asked if he might have the monitor, and we happily gave it to him.  As they thanked us and turned to walk away, she said to him, “See, son, Santa Claus did come this year after all.”

As we enter this new year, I am thinking that last year was really a good one.  Randy is getting to enjoy the fruits of a job well done, my mama died exactly the way she wanted, and I can’t control everything!  Just like that little boy, Santa did come this year after all.  Lord Jesus help us all.

Happy New Year!help us lord jesus

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