God bless my family

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Discussion in ‘Português (Portuguese)’ started by grandelexus, May 31, 2011.

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  1. grandelexus New Member English-Canada
    How do you say “God bless my family”? because am not sure if google translate is giving me correct translation.

    grandelexus, May 31, 2011 #1

  2. anaczz Senior Member À beira do Oceano Atlântico Português (Brasil)
    Hello, welcome!

    Deus abençoe minha família.

    anaczz, May 31, 2011 #2

  3. GamblingCamel Senior Member USA English CULTA + RUA

    anaczz said:

    Deus abençoe minha família.

    Click to expand…

    Google translation: Deus abençoe a minha família

    Haha. The machine is a beast !! Machine translators FTW !!

    GamblingCamel, May 31, 2011 #3

  4. Vanda Moderesa de Beagá Belo Horizonte, BRASIL Português/ Brasil
    This time the machine hit it. It is correct: Deus abençoe a minha família!

    Vanda, May 31, 2011 #4

  5. machadinho Senior Member Portugues – Brasil
    Não resisto. Não deveria ser “Que Deus abençoe a minha família”?

    machadinho, May 31, 2011 #5

  6. Vanda Moderesa de Beagá Belo Horizonte, BRASIL Português/ Brasil
    Está implícito, Machadim.

    Vanda, May 31, 2011 #6

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This book was provided to me by BookLook Bloggers. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. All opinions are my own.god bless my family

God Bless My Family by Hannah Hall
Illustrator: Steve Whitlow

Published by Thomas Nelson Incorporated on December 5th 2017
Source: BookLook Bloggers
Genres: Children’s Books
Pages: 20

Family time makes each day more fun!

These furry families are enjoying each moment together. Whether splashing in puddles with cousins after a rainy day, going on a walk with Grandma, or having a fun summer picnic, everyone has a special place in the family!

god bless my family

Note: Kristin reads and reviews both Christian and secular fiction on A Simply Enchanted Life. Out of respect for my readers, I am including a content review. This content review will help you decide whether this book is suitable for you.

Content Review:
Christian or Secular: Christian

God Bless my Family is an adorable board book that is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. Though, my seven-year-old really loved it too. The story was simple for her but she loves dogs and appreciated the lovely illustrations.

Visually, this book is one of my favorite art styles. I appreciate watercolors and pencil drawings with a soft, nostalgic design for my children.

Kahlan-Age 7:
The puppies are so adorable! I loved the picture of the grandma and grandpa doggies on the beach with their kids and grandkids. That was a lot like our family! I’m confused how a dog climbed a tree or baked a cake. But, I know it’s just make-believe.

Arie-Age 4:
Kahlan is silly. Puppy families can bake cakes if they want to! This book is really fun, mom. I like the pictures. The puppies are so cute! I want one! Can I have a puppy?

My older daughter is at an age where she is beginning to question why a dog might be baking a cake or climbing a tree while my four-year-old loved it.  This book is a padded board book that will wipe clean—making it a perfect gift for toddlers and preschoolers.

About Hannah Hall

Hannah C. Hall is a bestselling author, award-winning blogger, follower of Jesus, lover of Josh, mother of five, cooker of meals, changer of diapers, and an unashamed enjoyer of desserts. Visit her at HannahCHall.com.


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