For the love of god please help me

DatingFilter: Love making out with her, hate wearing her makeup afterwards. For the love of God, please help me.

Question from the girl I’m dating who is newly initiated to MeFi: How do I keep my makeup from rubbing off on the guy I am dating? Not only do I end up rather makeup-less after a make out session, but he ends up with the make up ALL OVER his face. Any tricks to help the makeup stay where it belongs… on me?

I use Bare Escentuals mineral make up. The foundation is mostly the problem. Despite their claims that this won’t “rub off” on anything… it totally does. Specifically my man. (But also my cell phone and sometimes clothes).

I really love Bare Escentuals, I don’t want to change my makeup… besides I’ve never really found any other makeup that really stays put through a makeout session. Does anyone have any tricks or tips as to how to make it more durable. My man ends up with my makeup ALL over his lips and nose… and while I think its plenty funny, its not a good look for him… not only cause he’s a guy, but because our skin tones are different and it is quite obvious.

(ed. note: I don’t really hate having her makeup rubbed off on me as much as I pretend to. Still, let’s keep the advice coming, people.)

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