Facing hard times

Movies about overcoming life’s tough times. Whether it be spouse abuse or child abuse. Or maybe a film about overcoming self harm or drug addictions. Whatever it is, these characters overcome tough times.

101 min | Drama

The wife and son of an unemployed, foul-tempered man suffer under ever-worsening domestic violence. One day while his father is taking a nap, the young son decides to take matters into his … See full summary »

Director: Dan Ying | Stars: Michael Nyqvist, Kristina Törnqvist, Anastasios Soulis, Alexandra Rapaport

Votes: 397

Swedish film. While I don’t understand Swedish I did understand that the family was trying to overcome child and spouse abuse.

R | 97 min | Comedy, Drama

61 Metascore

A naive college graduate, Amy, who believes she’s destined to be a great poet, begrudgingly accepts a job in a shop while she pursues a mentorship with reclusive writer Rat Billings.

Director: Scott Coffey | Stars: Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, John Cusack, Cloris Leachman

Votes: 15,469 | Gross: $0.02M

87 min | Drama

A teenage girl sees a photograph of herself one day in the school cafeteria – on a Missing Persons column on the side of a milk carton. But her beloved parents would never kidnap anyone and there’s a deeper mystery ahead.

Director: Waris Hussein | Stars: Kellie Martin, Sharon Lawrence, Edward Herrmann, Richard Masur

Votes: 1,122

R | 88 min | Crime, Drama

Red Crow Mi’g Maq reservation, 1976: By government decree, every Indian child under the age of 16 must attend residential school. In the kingdom of the Crow, that meansimprisonment at St. Dymphna’s. That means being at the mercy of “Popper”, the sadistic Indian agent who runs the school.

Director: Jeff Barnaby | Stars: Devery Jacobs, Glen Gould, Brandon Oakes, Roseanne Supernault

Votes: 911 | Gross: $0.00M


facing hard times

Founder of Synagogue Church, Prophet TB Joshua, says he has been facing hard times since the collapse of his church guesthouse in Lagos. He has, however, said that he would survive the trying times.

A six-storey guesthouse belonging to the church collapsed last Friday, and as at the last count, about 80 persons have been confirmed dead with over 140 rescued alive.

TB Joshua has assured all who believe in his good works that would not be destroyed by the incident:

“Hard times may test me, they cannot destroy me,” TB Joshua said, adding, “To withstand hard times, stand with Christ.

When you face trials, hard times, you can count it all joy if you add faith.”

Quoting the Bible, TB Joshua reached out to his thousands of followers across the world via the social network, just as he stated that God sometimes makes use of hard times to “draw us to Himself.”

According to TB Joshua, in a message on SCOAN official Facebook page, God visits His people with hard times because people often become “proud and stupid with wealth and pleasure.”

He added, “It is through hard times that you gain the necessary experience and maturity to handle whatever responsibility given you.

We are most likely to go astray from God and forget Him when things are easy with us in the world because we often become proud and stupid with wealth and pleasure.

“God visits His people with hard times that they may learn His way. His ways, though hard to the ungodly men, are desirable and profitable because they lead us to safety unto eternal life.

God allowed the enemy to overcome Israel so that they may learn the difference between serving God and serving the devil.

“If not for our hard times, we would not have sought the face of God. I mean, if not because of hard times, man by his wicked nature, would not have sought the face of God.

This means, God sometimes uses hard times to draw us to Him so that we can take our proper position and possession in Him.”

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It could be sickness, or addiction. It could be divorce or death. When you’ve encountered hard times, how did you face them? Dr. Randy helps you to Face the Hard Times, and he welcomes a couple of guests to the program today, as well (see more about them below).

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Today’s Guest #1

Becky Harling

Becky Harling is a sought-after speaker and the author of several books (including Rewriting your Emotional Script and Freedom from Performing: Grace in an Applause-Driven World) as well as a gifted communicator.  Her passion is helping women find hope and freedom in Christ alone. Her love for the Lord, compassionate spirit, sense of humor and energetic style inspires women all over the world to draw closer to God.  She creatively combines deep Biblical insight with her powerful testimony and the stories of other women.

Becky holds a degree in Biblical Literature and is currently speaking (both individually and together with her husband, Steve,) writing, coaching and mentoring women. Her life experience as a pastor’s wife, missionary, parent of four adult children, grandmother, Women’s Ministries Director, and survivor of breast cancer and sexual abuse bring depth to her message. Becky and her family live in the Denver area of Colorado.

Today’s Guest #2

Patricia Martin

At age 75, Patricia wants her legacy to be one of praise. She has had many miracles (surviving her house blowing up, surviving divorce, single parenting) but God has always been faithful. Her book is “This I Know.”

Patricia has been a follower of Christ since 1963. She says she has always been blessed by following the Lord’s leading in ministering salvation to others. Some ministry has included the following: founded jail ministry, community mission for needy, feeding program, homes for troubled teen girls, Christian support group for cancer patients/survivors/family, and God’s Precious Jewels (ministry to Native American children and their families). Teacher of the Word, speaker and violinist.
find out more about Patricial at her web site.

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facing hard times

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facing hard times

April 21, 1986, Page 00001 The New York Times Archives

Silver, long a low-priced stepsister of gold, has little allure these days. In fact, it has been priced so low recently that earlier this month the Hecla Mining Company, a major silver miner, announced the closing of its Lucky Friday mine in Mullan, Idaho, the layoff of 241 miners and 56 laboratory and exploration workers, as well as sharp pay cuts for other workers and executives.

Last year Lucky Friday produced 4.7 million ounces of silver, which was more than any other United States silver mine, but Hecla lost $4.2 million.

Commodity experts believe that the mine, one of the world’s largest producers of the metal, will remain closed for quite a while. The company loses money when silver moves much below $6 an ounce. Early this month the price was as low as $4.80 an ounce for actual silver one day and $4.99 for the May futures contract on the Commodity Exchange in New York. Late last week the spot price improved slightly, to $5.125. Analysts said one reason was that more mines might close, thus tightening the supply.

The lack of interest in silver probably has a lot to do with falling oil prices and the slow pace of inflation, here and abroad, not to mention the fact that individual speculators dislike a declining market and low volume, especially when there is a booming stock market.

Walter L. Emery, director of research at the Commodity Research Bureau, stressed that a major cause for the current low prices was the shrinking demand for silver per capita rather than just the huge supply available.

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Stocks in Comex warehouses are large and the Government continues to hold more than 137 million ounces, which overhang the market. World production for 1986 has been estimated at about 320 milion ounces, plus 132 million ounces from secondary supplies such as scrap, melted coins and less hoarding, especially in India, where much wealth is measured by silver. Demand is estimated at 405 million ounces, up a bit from 1985, but not enough to be significant.

Silver is so abundant, in fact, that the Silver Users Association recently issued this warning: ”During the last four years in this country some 250 million ounces were surplus to industrial requirements. This contrasts greatly with the information disseminated by silver promoters claiming shortages.”

Typically, about 40 percent goes to the photographic industry, another 11 percent to jewelry and silverware makers and 17 percent to the electronics industry in the United States, Japan and Western Europe. Other nations and uses account for the rest.

Jeffrey M. Christian, vice president and senior analyst for the J. Aron division of Goldman, Sachs & Company, said recently that ”there is a lot of silver sloshing around and there is the fact that production of the metal worldwide has been rising.”

He believes that the two most important influences on silver’s price currently are ”the fact that industrial demand is off, well below the levels of 1980,” another year of low-priced silver, and ”the fact that investment demand is not there.” ‘The Poor Man’s Gold’

Traditionally, silver in the form of actual bars or in futures contracts has been known as ”the poor man’s gold” because the price is low in relation to gold. Gold futures for nearby delivery closed at $344.40 an ounce Friday on the Comex compared with April silver at $5.125 an ounce, or a ratio of about 67 to 1.

While Europeans and Middle Easterners like to hoard gold as a hedge against inflation and wars, Americans have been more attracted to silver.

”Gold and platinum are much more interesting now than silver,” Mr. Christian said, adding that Goldman, Sachs clients have been advised ”not to get involved with silver now.”

Meanwhile, investors are beginning to return to the gold market, according to Mr. Christian. Perhaps they believe gold’s cyclical lows have been made. Also, platinum has been attracting attention, rising in price because of the turbulence in South Africa, the largest non-Communist producer of the metal.

The Soviet Union, which is another large platinum producer, tends to sell in the world market only when prices are high or when it needs foreign exchange quickly. Accumulation by Hunts

Mr. Christian does not think that silver has reached its low by any means. Silver’s current low price contrasts with its spectacular price increase in 1979 and in early 1980, when the Hunt brothers in Texas busily accumulated large amounts of silver in an attempt to dominate the market. Early in 1980 silver prices were around $50 an ounce in terms of the nearest futures contract.

Most analysts agree that, someday in the future, beyond six months, silver prices could move up in line with the expectations of a faster-paced inflation.

The Commodity Research Bureau’s Mr. Emery called attention to the fact that a substantial amount of silver is produced by copper companies as a byproduct. However, many copper company labor contracts run out June 30, and a strike cannot be ruled out, a factor that could give silver a little strength.

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