Dinnertime prayer

Usually Brinley starts saying the prayer for supper whether we are ready or not. Tonight Alex asked if he could say it and Brinley said yes. It went something like this:

Alex: Dear God, thank you for the beautiful weather. Tha…

Brinley: And thank you for the food (saying it like a reminder so he won’t forget)
Alex: And thank you for the food
Brinley: and for Mommy and Daddy and Brinley and Brooklyn
Alex: Yes
Brinley: and for Stacy and Scott
Alex: Is there anything else you want to pray for?
Brinley: Pray for my pink cake.
Alex: (giving me a look like what is she talking about) You mean your pink juice.
Brinley: My pink cake.
Alex: And be with Brinley’s pink cake. In Jesus name, amen.

On the way home from the babysitter’s, Brinley was telling me how she wanted her birthday cake. It is going to be pink with Dora, Swiper, Boots and baloons. Her birthday isn’t until September but she has been talking about her birthday since her last one.


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