Death prayer

Therefore, we see panikhidas and prayer at home for the dead are beneficial for them, as are good deeds done in their memory, such as alms or contributions to the church. But especially beneficial for them is commemoration at the Divine Liturgy. There have been many appearances of the dead and other occurrences which confirm how beneficial is the commemoration of the dead. Many who died in repentance, but who were unable to manifest this while they were alive, have been freed from tortures and have obtained repose.

How important commemoration at the Liturgy is may be seen in the following occurrence: Before the uncovering of the relics of St. Theodosius of Chernigov (1896), the priest-monk (the renowned Starets Alexis of Goloseyevsky Hermitage, of the Kiev-Caves Lavra, who died in 1916) who was conducting the re-vesting of the relics, becoming weary while sitting by the relics, dozed off and saw before him the Saint, who told him: “I thank you for laboring me. I beg you also, when you will serve the Liturgy, to commemorate my parents”—and be gave their names (Priest Nikita and Maria).** “How can you, O Saint, ask my prayers, when you yourself stand at the heavenly Throne and grant to people God’s mercy?” the priest-monk asked. “Yes, that is true,” replied St. Theodosius, “but the offering at the Liturgy is more powerful than my prayer.”

death prayer

 Therefore, we see panikhidas and prayer at home for the dead are beneficial for them, as are good deeds done in their memory, such as alms or contributions to the church. But especially beneficial for them is commemoration at the Divine Liturgy. There have been many appearances of the dead and other occurrences which confirm how beneficial is the commemoration of the dead. Many who died in repentance, but who were unable to manifest this while they were alive, have been freed from tortures and have obtained repose. In the Church, prayers are ever offered for the repose of the dead, and on the day of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, in the kneeling prayers at vespers, there is even a special petition “for those in hell.”

St. Gregory the Great, in answering in his Dialogues the question, “Is there anything at all that can possibly benefit souls after death?” teaches: “The Holy Sacrifice of Christ, our saving Victim, brings great benefits to souls even after death, provided their sins (are such as) can be pardoned in the life to come. For this reason the souls of the dead sometimes beg to have Liturgies offered for them … The safer course, naturally, is to do for ourselves during life what we hope others will do for us after death. It is better to make one’s exit a free man than to seek liberty after one is in chains. We should, therefore, despise this world with all our hearts as though its glory were already spent, and offer our sacrifice of tears to God each day as we immolate His sacred Flesh and Blood. This Sacrifice alone has the power of saving the soul from eternal death, for it presents to us mystically the death of the Only-begotten Son” (Dialogues IV: 57, 60, pp. 266, 272-3).

St. Gregory gives several examples of the dead appearing to the living and asking for or thanking them for the celebration of the Liturgy for their repose; once, also, a captive whom his wife believed dead and for whom she had the Liturgy celebrated on certain days, returned from captivity and told her how he had been released from his chains on some days—the very days when the Liturgy had been offered for him. (Dialogues IV: 57, 59, pp. 267, 270).

Protestant theologians find the Church’s prayer for the dead to be somehow incompatible with the necessity of finding salvation first of all in this life: “If you can be saved by the Church after death, then why bother to struggle or find faith in this Life? Let us eat, drink, and be merry…” Of course, no one holding such a philosophy has ever attained salvation by the Church’s prayers, and it is evident that such an argument is quite artificial and even hypocritical. The Church’s prayer cannot save anyone who does not wish salvation, or who never offered any struggle for it himself during his lifetime. In a sense, one might say that the prayer of the Church or of individual Christians for a dead person is but another result of that person’s life: he would not be prayed for unless he had done something during his lifetime to inspire such prayer after his death.

St. Mark of Ephesus also discusses this question of the Church’s prayer for the dead and the improvement it brings in their state, citing the example of the prayer of St. Gregory the Dialogist for the Roman Emperor Trajan—a prayer inspired by a good deed of this pagan Emperor.

**These names had been unknown before this vision. Several years after the canonization, St. Theodosius’ own Book of Commemoration was found in the monastery where he had once been Abbot, which confirmed these names and corroborated the vision. See the Life of Elder Alexis in Pravoslavny Blagovestnik, San Francisco, 1967, No. I (in Russian).

Excerpt from The Soul after Death by Fr. Seraphim Rose

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Location: Ponyville

Time: Early afternoon

It was a wonderful afternoon in the small community of Ponyville. Everypony was happily walking through the streets either heading to one of the many stalls that were open at the time, or to one of the many restaurants where they could enjoy a good meal and simply hang and catch up with friends. Speaking of friends; a small group of six mares are then shown, walking through town. The small group consisted of two earth ponies, two pegasi, one unicorn, and one alicorn. All of them seemed to be happy spending time together; it was easy to tell. Every now and then, all of them would burst out into laughter. From either one of them telling something funny or one of them recalling a rather embarrassing moment in their lives. One of the group- a orange colored earth pony with a blonde mane and tail- took notice of the area around them.

“Boy, howdy. If Ah didn’t live in this town, Ah would have guessed the rodeo just got here.” The earth pony said; her voice sounding like that of those native to the south.

“I totally agree, Applejack.” One of the pegasus ponies replied. She was a blue colored pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail, “Honestly, I’ve never seen it so busy here before. What’s the occasion?” She asked out loud getting the attention of the purple alicorn in the group.

“From what I have heard. There is an event going on at the town hall later today. If I remember correctly, it’s an event for ponies who love to write songs and poems.” The alicorn answered; just as a group turned down another street.

“You’re correct,Twilight, dear.” The pearl white unicorn confirmed; which caused everyone to look towards her, “My little sister, Sweetie Belle, will be participating in the event. I have already heard the poem she is going to use. And I must admit, it was the most beautiful piece of writing I’ve ever heard.” The unicorn continued; which caused everyone to smile happily.

“Oh, this event is going to be wonderful.” A cream colored pegasus said; as she started to fly, just a little ways off the ground. “Discord, has also entered the event.” Everypony in the group had a small look of terror wash over their faces, but it was replaced by a look of worry; for the pegasus had a small amount of tears falling from her eyes.

“Oh, dear. Fluttershy, what is the matter?” The unicorn asked; only to have Fluttershy shake her head.

“Nothing, Rarity.” Fluttershy answered as she quickly dried her eyes’, “I remembered the song Discord was going to use.” She continued trying her best to keep herself from crying again.

“What kind of song?” The blue pegasus asked.

“The same love song; he sang to me the night he proposed to me, Rainbow.” Fluttershy answered.

“Oh, how wonderful.” Rarity said as the group came to a stop in front of a large tree-like castle. Twilight, then walked towards the large front door, using her magic to open it. Allowing her and her friends entrance.

“Oh, I just can’t wait!” The pink earth pony shouted jumping up and down almost like a pogo stick. “Pound and Pumpkin are also entering the event. Oh, I hope they win! I’ve heard whoever wins, will have their works; if its a poem, will be published! But, if its a song; it will be sponsored by Musical Talents. A music company that helps up and coming singers start their careers!” The earth pony said as they all entered the castle.

“Spike!” Twilight called out; only to hear her voice echoing through the castle itself. “Spike?!” She called out again as the group walked through the castle; only to enter a large room. Which had seven chairs inside of it; all of them sitting in a perfect circle. Six of them were rather tall and had the cutie marks of those that sat there. While there was only one; which was small and it sat right next to Twilight’s chair. That was when the group took notice of two pieces of paper sitting on the small chair. Causing all of them to grow confused; as the walked towards the chair.

“Hello?” Twilight said as she levitated both pieces of paper towards her face; one was a halfway folded letter. While the other was another folded up piece of paper; that had the words, “SONG FOR CONTEST.” written on its front.

Rarity released a loud gasp as she took the second piece of paper from Twilight, “Our little, Spikey-Wikey, is entering the contest! Oh, how wonderful!” She said in glee as she began to read the song; while Twilight read Spike’s letter.

Dear, Twilight

I will be at the town hall for the majority of the afternoon. I’ve decided to enter the event taking place today; wish me and everypony else good luck.


Twilight released a happy giggle as she refolded the letter. But, that was when she heard Rarity release a quiet sob. Immediately everypony looked towards her; only to see her with tears running down her face in vast amounts. She was releasing small shaking breaths and by the looks of it, she was shaking violently. Immediately, Twilight, got next to Rarity; who immediately latched onto her. Crying heavily into her mane, “Rarity, What’s–?” She was interrupted by Rarity holding up Spikes song.

“Read it!” Rarity almost shouted as she continued to cry.

“What? Rarity?” Twilight tried to ask.

“Just!” Rarity gave off a loud sniffle as she tried to collect herself. All her friends’ could see that she was a complete mental break down, and by the looks of the tears rolling down from her eyes, what Spike wrote obviously had hit her hard, “Read it.” They all heard her say in a choked voice.

Giving her a nod, Twilight started to read what the little dragon had wrote. Immediately her eyes went wide; not with surprise, but with that of horror. As she continued to read; her eyes got wider and wider and wider. But, not only did her eyes get wider; they also started filling with tears. Which fell from her eyes’ in vast amounts, leaving streaks down her face; only to end up collecting into a small pool which formed on the floor below her. After a few minutes, she found it hard for herself to stand on her own four hooves. She almost went down to the floor completely. Thankfully for her though, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie managed to hold her up. But, the two were immediately brought into a large hug.

“Whoa, girl! What’s–?” Rainbow was cut off by a loud gasp of sadness; she quickly turned her head towards the sounds origin and saw Applejack, holding the song. Applejack, had a look of incredible emotional pain etched onto her face before she dropped the piece of paper and fell to the floor. Just like her friends; the song had hit her hard. By the looks of it, it was directly to the heart; for Applejack and Twilight, had placed one of their forehooves over their hearts as if the pain they felt was coming from there directly.

Rainbow, got to Applejack’s side and placed a caring hoof on her shoulder. Almost instantly she was brought into a bone crushing hug; which caused her to release a small yelp of surprise. “Applejack?! What’s gotten into–?” She was interrupted by a pink blur suddenly slamming into them. It caused her to give off an irritated grunt as she tried to turn her head to face the pink pony, who had just latched onto them. “Pinkie Pie, we don’t have time for one of your–.” She was cut off again by something wet rolling down her back and a small whimper of sadness. Rainbow Dash, then felt Pinkie Pie wrap her in a hug. Followed by her burying her snout into her back; which made her feel a little uncomfortable. Slowly and carefully, she managed to get out of the twos’ vice-like hold on her- leaving them to just hug each other as they cried and cried.

“What has gotten into all of you?!” Rainbow Dash demanded but was silenced by a small whimper. A whimper so small; one could say it was compared to a mouse’s squeak. Her eyes went wide as she slowly turned around allowing her to see Fluttershy standing behind her. Her legs looked as if they were about to give out underneath her while her eye’s seemed to poured endless amounts of tears down her face, “Oh, please. Not you too.” Rainbow begged only to have her friend hold up Spikes’ song.

“Rainbow…read it.” Fluttershy said as she tried to keep herself balanced on her shaking legs.

Rainbow Dash gave her a questioning look before she grabbed the song and began to read. In a matter of minutes; she was just like the rest of them, her legs were shaking, and her eyes were pouring buckets of tears. She found it hard for her to hold the song in her hooves; slowly she let the piece of paper go, and just let it slowly fall down to the floor. She then turned herself towards Fluttershy, who quickly brought her into a caring and loving hug allowing her to cry into her shoulder as the two wrapped their hooves around each other. But, that was when they heard the door to the castle open.

“Oh, man! I can’t believe I forgot my song.” All of them heard Spikes’ voice echo; almost causing all of them to gasp loudly. In seconds, they saw the little dragon enter the room, watching as they saw his eyes go wide in surprise. “Guys’, what’s wr–?!” He was interrupted by Twilight suddenly flying towards him; pinning him down to the ground, and hugging him tightly.

“Spike!” She cried out; which confused him greatly.

“Twilight, what’s–?”

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know! Please, please, don’t do whatever you are thinking! I’m here for you! You can always talk to me!” She shouted; which was confusing him greatly as he started to feel a little uncomfortable in her hold.

“Twilight?” Spike questioned as he tried to wiggle out of her hold; only to feel her hooves tighten around his body, “What are you talking abou–?” He was interrupted by a magical hold wrapping around his frame, only for him to be pulled into Rarity’s loving embrace. Just like Twilight; she was also crying and also hugging him tightly.

“Rarity?” He asked.

“Spikey-Wikey.” Rarity choked out as she started to run a gentle hoof down his back, “You know you can always talk to me. You don’t have to keep your emotions bottled up. I care for you; we all care for you deeply.” She continued as she hugged the little dragon.

“Yes, I know that. Why are all of you–?” He was interrupted once again; this time it was by Rainbow Dash; who had snatched him out of Rarity’s hold and brought him into a bone crushing hug.

“Dash!?” He asked as he felt the air forced out of his lungs; causing him to thrash around a little bit, “Tight! …too…Tight!” He choked out.

“Please, Spike!” Rainbow begged as she pulled the small dragon closer to her, allowing a small amount of her tears to fall onto his back, “I’ve already lost Tank!” She choked out; trying her best to calm herself down, “I don’t think I can handle losing another friend. Please, don’t do whatever you plan on doing! You can always talk to me!” She shouted.

“Why are all of you–!” Spike then felt the hold of a lasso wrap around the lower half of his body, “Come on!” He shouted before he was pulled towards Applejack, and into yet another bone crushing hug, “Are all of you; trying to kill–!?”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence!” Applejack said in a stern voice; as she made Spike look her in the eyes; allowing him to see her burning red eyes- which were slightly swollen from all the crying she and the others had been doing. “Don’t do this to us, Spike.” She said in a hurt voice while she pulled the little dragon close to her chest as she rest her head on top of his, “We would all miss you. Everypony in town would miss you. Even the princesses would miss you.” She cried as Spike managed to get out of her hold; only to be tackled by both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

“Guys, will all of you please stop! And tell me–.” He was stopped once again; only this time. It was because everypony in the room group hugged him. All of them were crying heavily as they each held Spike, showing him nothing but an endless amount of love. Spike, continued to give all of them a confused look; although he did not mind the hug. He was still caught off guard by the sudden show of affection but then took notice of a single piece of paper sitting on the floor. The young dragon slowly freed himself from their hold and picked up the paper; looking at it and then back towards his pony friends- finally understanding why they were all crying.

“All of you read it.” Spike said as he felt Twilight’s hooves wrap around him. Only this time, her hooves gently wrapped around his body.

“Yes, Spike.” Twilight answered as she gentle nuzzled the back of his head; allowing a few more tears to fall from her eyes. As she tried her best to keep from sobbing, “All of us have read it.” She continued just before she felt him press himself towards her allowing her to hold him closer, “Spike, you know you don’t have to.”

“It’s just a song, guys’.” Spike suddenly said as he slowly broke the hold Twilight had on him. He turns to face all six of them; who were giving a look of complete shock. “It’s just a song.” He continued in a voice that sounded completely normal.

“Just a song…” Rainbow Dash’s voice trailed before a look of anger appeared on her face, “Just! A! Song?!” She shouted before getting close to his face, “Spike! Do you realize what you wrote!? That’s not a song! It’s a–!”

“It’s a song, Rainbow.” Spike interrupted her while shooting her a look of annoyance, “That’s all it is.” He continued.

“No!” Applejack suddenly shouted getting everypony’s attention, “That…that there ain’t no song! I’ve heard plenty of songs when I was younger. But that…there…thing is nothing but a sui–.”

“Applejack, it’s just a song.” Spike interrupted growing a little irritated, “I don’t know why all of you are acting like this.” He continued.

“It’s because of what you wrote.” Fluttershy answered as she tried to calm herself down. “Spike, why would you write something like that?”

“It’s called creative writing. I just wrote down; something that came to mind.” Spike replied.

Pinkie Pie, then got in his face and jabbed a hoof into his stomach. “So you are thinking about.”

“No!” Spike interrupted as he released a small growl, “I would never think about doing that!”

That was when Rainbow Dash gave him a look of confusion, “Then why did you write something like that?”

“Because,” Spike then growled loudly; before he claw-palmed himself, “Quote the raven!” He suddenly shouted.

“Huh?” Five out of the six replied to his sudden words.

“Quote the raven!” Spike repeated.

“Spike, what do you mean?” Twilight asked trying to figure out why he was suddenly saying those words.

“Quote the raven!” He shouted for the third time.

“Nevermore.” Fluttershy said causing all attention to focus on her.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!” Spike said as he looked towards her with a small smile, “We have a winner!” He continued.

Twilight quickly got next to the yellow pegasus, “Fluttershy, do you know what he’s–?”

“Requiescat!” Spike suddenly shouted.

“En, pachae.” Fluttershy finished.

“Fluttershy?” Rarity asked as he walked in front of her, “Darling, please. If you know why Spikey-Wikey would–.”

“Why would you say!” Spike shouted again.

“That I am mad.” Fluttershy finished once again as a serious look appeared on her face. Almost as if she knew exactly what possibly inspired Spikes’ song.

Spike, then took in a deep breath and pointed a single claw at her. “Edgar.” He said.

“Wait, who’s Edgar?” Twilight asked.

“Allen, Poe.” Fluttershy finished, “You’ve read some of Discords favorite books.” She said receiving a nod from Spike.

“One of the few greatest poets and authors; from the human times.” Spike replied as he gave her a small smile.

“Fluttershy?” Twilight asked her friend; who looked towards her, “Who’s, Edgar, Allen, Poe?” She asked.

Fluttershy, gave her a small smile, “He was a human; who wrote dark and sad poems and stories. His most popular works are; The Raven. The Pit and The Pendulum. The Cask of Amontillado, and the Tale Tell Heart.” She answered as Spike gave her a nod.

“Discord, showed me those books and he let me read them.” Spike said getting everypony’s attention, “It inspired me to write my song, which all of you have read. I’m sorry if it hurt all of you but, please. Believe me when I say it’s just a song.” He finished causing everypony- except for Fluttershy- to give him a unsure look. “Come and hear me sing it.” He said, which changed their unsure looks, to change to a shocked look.

“Spike? You…you can’t sing that.”

“I can, and I will, Twilight.” He said as he rerolled his song, “Please, all of you. Just trust me when I say; that this is nothing but a song.” Spike, continued as he looked at all of them, “Please, believe me and come and hear me sing it.” He finished causing everypony there to sigh heavily.

“Okay, Spike.” Twilight said as she looked towards him; seeing him smiling happily before he ran up and hugged her, “Thank you. All of you.” All of them heard him say before he ran towards the exit of the castle, and towards town hall. Hoping he would make it just in time to enter his song.

Time: Sometime close to Mid-night

Location: Town hall

“Alright.” Twilight breathed out as she looked at the stage allowing her to see the mayor of the town who had a large smile stretched across her face. To her left was all of her friends, who were sitting right next to one an other. All of them had worried expressions on their face. But, at the same time; they were also excited. “Up next is…”

“Spike, the dragon!” The mayor said through the microphone; causing everypony in the crowd to cheer loudly. Slowly said dragon had walked up to the mic; he had a large smile on his face, and by his body language- he seemed to be pretty excited.

“Thank you, Mayor.” He thanked her as she walked back stage, just before he looked towards two mares. One was the local town DJ and the other was the local cellist, “Vinyl, Octavia. Music please.” He asked, receiving nods from both of them; before sad toned music started to play.

Spike, can be shown taking in a deep breath of air to calm himself down as he faced the crowd; which was waiting patiently to hear his song.

(As I lay here in my warm and comfortable bed. I secretly start to wish that I was one of the dead.)

All six of his closest friends’ and a few other ponies flinched slightly at the words he sang. “This is it.” Twilight thought as he continued his song.

(Just laying perfectly still; inside that box. As my corpse slowly rots.)

A few ponies in the crowd gasped slightly; as they listened to him sing. How could some dragon; who always seemed to find something to smile about. Sing words like this?

(I cannot believe I have these thoughts. There are times I want to drag a knife across my wrist. Watching as my wrist slowly splits.)

Rarity, quickly covered her mouth with one of her hooves keeping herself from gasping loudly as the little dragon continued to sing.

(There have been times; where I’ve wanted to swallow thirty pills. Just so I can understand; how dying feels.)

Rainbow, released a small gagging sound as she quickly brought a hoof up to her mouth. The image she got from those words; nearly made her want to puke.

(It makes me want to cry. Knowing that I want to die.)

Applejack, brought her hat down over her face. Trying to keep everypony from seeing her tears, which slowly feel from her eyes.

(I know that my words; sound like a lie. But sometimes when I look up to the sky. I wish I could grow wings and just fly.)

“Oh, Spike.” Fluttershy whispered as a few tears fell from her eyes her body slightly shook. But she was quickly calmed when she felt a gentle paw on her shoulder. It caused her to jump slightly as she turned her head to see Discord; who also had a few tears falling from his eyes.

(There have been times; where I’ve gone into cemetery’s on my own. As I looked upon the graves; I wished it was my name written on the stone.)

A few ponies in the crowd gasped loudly after he said that. A few of them also had tears falling from their eyes as well.

(Sometimes whenever I am sitting in a tree. I wished I had a good piece of sturdy rope with me. That way I can hang myself; so that I can be free.)

Twilight was trying to keep herself from running up on stage and hugging him. Tears flowed from her eyes in vast amounts while she tried to keep herself from sobbing loudly.

(I now wish I can take my last breath. Because this is my prayer to death.)

Everypony in the audience was sitting silently. Some where shocked at what he just said, while others found it hard to keep from crying.

((Oh, reaper hear my prayer. I ask of you to please; grant me this favor. I ask of you to cast your shadow upon me. I ask of you to free my soul from my body. I beg you to let me feel; your cold embrace. As you slowly kill me; with such beauty and grace. Please grant this wish for me. Please hear my prayer and come help me be free.))

“Oh, Spikey-Wikey!” Rarity silently sobbed out; black mascara streaks can be seen on her face. But, for some odd reason, she didn’t seem to care about how she looked.

(I am aware many will miss me. But I feel so trapped inside my body.)

Both Octavia, and Vinyl, are shown once again. Both of them continued to play the music for Spike. But, it was hard for them to keep from crying as he sang.

(I feel like I’m in some type of jail. For me; life is nothing but a living hell.)

A few ponies flinched at the harsh words he used. It sounded strange for him to use those words. After all, it was only Discord who used those kind of words.

(All my friends do is leave me behind. Never, ever, wondering what may be going on inside my mind.)

The mane six can be shown with wide eyes; although all of them had already read the song. It was still affecting them greatly.

(I know for a fact my parents will cry. As they watch my soul fly towards the sky.)

All the way in Canterlot; Princess Celestia is shown. She jumped as she felt a tear escape from one of her eyes. Slowly she brought her hoof up and wiped it away before she looked out of a window. She was looking directly towards Ponyville; almost as if she knew that there was where the pain was coming from. “Spike…” She whispered.

(I know that I will hurt; those close to me. But, I’m fed up with feeling like a nobody.)

Everypony in the crowd jumped slightly at those words.

(Oh, reaper I ask of you to reach inside. I beg of you to rip my soul out of my hide.)

Twilight released a small quiet, sob. Now she was really trying her best to keep from running up to the stage. Oh, how she wanted to run up and hug him. But, at the same time; she wanted him to finish the song.

(Come the day I really do take my last breath. That is when I will know; my prayer was heard by death.)

Fluttershy is shown burying her face in Discords chest. She was crying heavily as she listened to the dragon sing. But she was not the only one. For Discord was shown with tears also falling from his eyes.

((Oh, Reaper hear my prayer. I ask of you to please; grant me this favor. I ask of you to cast your shadow upon me. I ask of you to free my soul from my body. I beg you to let me feel; your cold embrace. As you slowly kill me; with such beauty and grace. Please grant this wish for me. Please, hear my prayer and come and set me free.))

The mayor is shown once again; only this time she was on the verge of a break down. Her eyes were red and puffy while tears continued to fall from her eyes.

(Oh, death; I want to be held in your boney arms. You have managed to lure me in; with your grace and deadly charm.)

“Spikey.” Rarity quietly sobbed as she placed both her hooves over her heart. She could feel it beating rapidly while her breathing was starting to become erratic as if she was having a panic attack.

(I don’t care about anybody that would miss me. After all; everyday I’m treated like a nobody.)

Rainbow, was tempted to shout that was not true. As she shut her eyes tight, feeling the hurt and pain that came from his song.

(My friends I have are never there. The one I love; seems to never care. But, worst of all; I believe that my own mother, won’t even care when I take my last breath of air.)

Celestia suddenly released a loud gasp as she placed a hoof over her heart and fell to her knees. She felt her body shaking while her eyes started to overflow with tears. Something was wrong and whatever it was; it was affecting her greatly. “Spike…” She whispered again as she wondered why she felt as if it was coming from him.

(I know that it does not sound fair. For me to be saying this prayer. But, I’m afraid; my mind is clear.)

“Spike, Please stop.” Pinkie pie silently begged.

(I have started to slit my wrist. It hurts as I watch it slowly split.)

“No, please.” Applejack begged; knowing full well he was at the end.

(My blood is slowly pooling on the ground. I’ve already swallowed the pills that I’ve found.)

Rainbow, gritted her teeth as she resisted the urge to fly up and tackle him. Her eyes were swollen and red while a rather large pool of tears was shown underneath her.

(Now all I need to do is lay here on the ground.)

Twilight can be shown visibly shaking as she sobbed quietly.

(I can feel it; I’m about to take my last breath.)

“Oh, Spike.” Rarity quietly sobbed as she wrapped her hooves around herself wishing she could be holding the dragon.

(Oh, yes, yes, I can feel it; my prayer has been heard by death.)

Once the music stopped, everypony in the crowd had stood up and started clapping. Some were cheering loudly, while others were crying and sobbing as the clapped. Spike had a small smile stretch across his face. He felt proud of what he just did. He felt proud of being able to sing his work. That was when he was tackled by his six friends- plus Discord. All of them had captured him in a loving group hug; allowing him to feel all of the tears they had cried.

But they also showed him, just how much love they had for him.

Three hours later

After the contest was over, three winners had been selected. One of them was Derpy Hooves- who had sung the love song, “Monster, that I love.”. The second winner was, Discord- who had sang the song, “I’m Here My Dear.”. The third was none other than, Spike- with his song, “Death Prayer.”. After the winners were announced, they were informed by the CEO of Musical Talents that their songs not only would be sponsored, but they would also be aired on the radio so that all of Equestria could hear the beautiful songs.

By now it was late in the night and everypony in Ponyville was possibly asleep and getting ready for another new day. Spike, is shown sleeping peacefully on his small bed. Suddenly, he was magically levitated out of his bed. It caused him to stir slightly; but it did not wake him up. He was then carried all the way to Twilight’s room; where he was placed gently on her bed.

“Ugh.” Spike groaned out as his eyes slowly opened. At first, he saw nothing but a rather large midnight-blue blur. But after he blinked his eyes a couple of times. He was finally able to make out a rather large alicorn; which looked like a combination of Princess Luna, and Princess Celestia. The strange part was that it’s cutie mark was a heart with the infinity symbol in the middle. He gasped loudly as he quickly backed away from the alicorn. His eyes going wide with slight fear.

“Who…who are you?” He asked in a shaken voice; his only answer was a very calm, and loving smile which seemed to almost immediately calm him down. He watched as the alicorn slowly climbed into the bed next to him; gently pulling him up close to its chest allowing him to listen to its heart beat. Although, he did not recognize this pony; he could of sworn he had heard this gentle heart beat before, “Who are you?” Spike asked again.

“It’s us, Spike.” He heard the alicorn reply causing his eyes to go wide in surprise as he looked up, and into the alicorn’s eyes- allowing Spike to see the familiar look all of his friends gave him whenever he felt alone or simply needed somepony, “Twilight?” He replied; only to hear the familiar giggle of Pinkie Pie.

“Not just her you silly dragon.” He heard her voice say before the foreleg that was wrapped around him pulled him a little closer; allowing him to rest his head on the alicorn’s neck.

“We are also here too, partner.” The southern voice of Applejack continued.

“H…how?” Spike asked in a shocked voice before he felt its’ other hoof gently stroking the back of his head.

“A spell both Twilight and I cast.” The gentle voice of Rarity replied, “It allowed all of us to fuse together into one being.” The voice continued.

“Why would all of you…?”

“Because,” The voice of Rainbow Dash interrupted before the alicorn gently nuzzled the top of his head, “All of us wanted to be here with you tonight.” Her voice finished.

Spike released a small gasp as his eyes went wide and started to fill with tears. He suddenly felt the foreleg around him transform into a small blanket which seemed to hug itself close to his body almost as if it was made for him, “What? How?”

“I am here too, Spike.” Discord’s voice said which filled him with slight shock. Yet at the same time, it filled him with a small amount of happiness, “And so am I.” He heard Fluttershy say before he felt a caring wing drape over his body.

Spike, released a small sniffle as he buried his face into their neck. A few of his tears fell from his eyes and onto their neck as he nuzzled them. He felt them wrap their other foreleg around his body as all of them also started to cry. He just couldn’t keep it in anymore; he felt so warm, so protected, so…loved.

“I love you all.” He choked out as he felt them nuzzle the top of his head.

“We love you too, Spike.” All of them said at once as they held the little dragon close to their body. In a matter of minutes the dragon had fallen asleep, and was releasing a very small purring sound. It caused all of them to smile happily as they watched the dragon sleep.

“We won’t ever let you feel alone, Spike.” All of them said in a hushed tone before they gently kissed him on his forehead. A small smile to stretched across his face as they rested their head on top of his, “We promise.” They finished before they all drifted off to sleep; finally entering the realm of dreams.

“Would I be considered gay if I feel pretty.”

“DISCORD!” The mane six mentally yelled.

“Okay. Okay, sorry.” Discord mentally replied back.

“I swear, if being fused with Rarity makes me wanna wear dresses. I’m gonna put myself through therapy.”

“RAINBOW!” Everypony and Discord mentally shouted.

“What?! I was just saying.” Rainbow Dash mentally replied. As they started to slowly fall asleep.



“Beg pardon.” Applejack apologized. The alicorn was shown rolling its eyes in annoyance. Thankfully they were starting to slowly relax and soon they would.

“You know, with Spike sleeping in our arms like this, it reminds me of the time when Pumpkin threw–”


“What? She threw a bad fit.” Pinkie Pie replied before they all suddenly released a small, quiet, yawn.

“Excuse me.” Fluttershy mentally apologized.

“Can’t we all just go to sleep?” Rarity asked clearly growing annoyed from the loss of some beauty sleep time.

“Casting sleep spell.” Discord replied before the alicorn suddenly fell asleep finally joining Spike in the realm of dreams.

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