Christian sisters quotes

Best Christian Sister Quotes

1. Friendship Is Born At That Moment When One Person Says To Another, What You Too I Thought I Was The Only One.

2. Sisters By Heart We’ll Share So Much Laughter And Bear Each Other’s Tears….

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3. I Am So Thankful For Sister In Christ.

4. You Have 365 Day Of Brand New Story To Celebrate The Wonders Of Life, To Breath And Be Thankful, To Love And Mark The Difference.

5. Dear Sister In Christ.. Remember, This Is Not Our Home. He Has Gone To Prepare A Place For Us. We Will Finish This Race Together Through Prayer And Praise.

6. Sister Happy Birthday I Wish You The Richest Blessings Of Our God.

7. She Opens Her Mouth With Wisdom The Teaching Of Kindness Is On Her Tongue.

8. God’s Daughters Lift Each Other In Prayer And Love Each Other As Sister.

9. Top My Sister If You Ever Need A Shoulder To Cry On, I Am Here For You, If You Ever Need Someone To Laugh, And Share Memories With. I Am Here For You..

10. Trying To Walk Each Day As A Woman Of Faith, While Facing All This World Has To Throw At Us.Is Sometimes Almost Unbearable.

11. Women Of God Can Never Be Like Women Of The World. The World Has Enough Women Who Are Tough.

Famous Christian Sister Quotes

12. Dear Sister In Christ.The Bible Often Speaks Of Certain Women Who Are These Certain Women…

13. Seeing Ourselves The Way God Does Is The Beginning Of Being Able To See Our Sister In Christ The Way He Does.

14. As Iron Sharpens Iron, So A Friend Sharpens A Friend.

15. A Sister In Christ.. Is Friend That You Will Have For An Eternity. Encouragement &Amp; Prayer Are Wonderful Blessings. Share Jesus With Someone And Make An Eternal Friend.

16. She Who Kneels Before God Can Stand Before Anyone.

17. As Christian Women, We Have To Support Each Other…..

18. Sister In Christ….

19. The Beautiful Ordinary Parts Of Your Life That Cross Paths With The Day To Day Moments….

20. My Friend, My Sister Go Didn’t Make Us Sisters By Birth. Instead..

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