Baby delivery prayer

It was time. All the feelings of anticipation, fear, excitement, joy, nervousness, and relief flooded my heart as I prepared to head to the hospital and deliver my baby boy.

And then we prayed and prayed some more! I’ve taken that prayer and turned it into this beautiful printable you can print out and tuck it into the bag you’ve got ready for the day when your little one arrives.

May it serve as an encouragement to you and inspiration for your own prayers as you enter into one of the most beautiful seasons of your life!

You can also print off a coordinating set of 12 key scripture passages that have been hand-picked for you to meditate on as part of the wonderful, scary, exhilarating, exhausting, fantastic, joyful miracle of bringing a child into the world!

Scriptural prayer for safe delivery and a healthy pregnancy

Loving  Heavenly Father, creator  of all things, Your Word says “1You created all things through Jesus Christ and 2You made all things good and perfect.” 3You give life to all things. I thank You, that I have conceived by Your grace and mercy. The baby in my womb is Your creation,  thank You for Your precious gift.

Cover me, the baby in my womb and my family members with the holy and precious blood of Jesus. I forgive all who have hurt me and rejected me in any manner.

Protect me, my baby and my family members from all evil and dangers. 4 You are our refuge and our fortress. 5 For You, Lord, will give Your angels charge over us. My God, in You I put my trust. During this time of waiting, help me to guard this new life carefully and do nothing to hurt it in any way.

Lord, Your word also says, 6 “Truly You have formed my innermost being. You have woven me in my mother’s womb. “According to Your Word, let my baby grow normally with all its requirements fulfilled. Take away all complications from my baby and me. Grant me and my baby good health. 7 Lord, let my baby be perfect as You are perfect.

Lord Jesus, You be present with me during all this time this baby grows and comes into this world. Lord Your Word says “8 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I sanctified you. Please grant me a safe and normal delivery. Take away all blocks and barriers that are hindering this blessing in my life. Lord I also pray that You lead all pregnant women who are reading this prayer to safe and normal delivery. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, who is Lord of Life, now and forever. Amen.

9 Shall I bring to the time of birth and not cause delivery?” says the LORD. “Shall I who cause delivery shut up the womb? says Your God.


Scripture References: 1-  Romans 11:36,  2 –  James 1:17,  3 –  1Timothy 6:13, 4-  Psalm 91:2, 5  Psalm 91:11, 6  Psalm 139:13,  7-   Matthew 5:48,  8-  Jeremiah 1:5, 9-  Isaiah 66:9     

Prayer for a Woman in Labour at Childbirth

O Lord God Almighty, Creator of all things and Giver of knowledge to mankind; Who fashioned the body of man from the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, granting him Your blessings, that he might increase and multiply by means of the birth of children: We fervently entreat You Who loves mankind to bless this Your servant, N., who is with child, granting her help and comfort at this trying time. Ease her labour and bring her to a safe delivery. Yes, O Lord, open the treasury of Your mercies and Your compassion to her, and let her give birth to a fruitful vine to be a cause of joy to her all the days of her life. For You are blessed, together with Your Only-begotten Son, and Your Most-holy, Good and Life-creating Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

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I hope this prayer is useful for all pregnant women who is expecting a baby…

Prayer for Safe Pregnancy and Delivery!

Father, In Jesus’ Name I confess and repent of my sins, on behalf of my ancestors for the sins, unconfessed sins and iniquities. Cleanse me and my family with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ Name I command the demons of rebellion and evil addictions, disobedience, poverty, financial failure, marriage failure, etc. to come out of me and my husband and my children. In the name of Jesus, Let the power in the blood of Jesus Christ separate me and my children and my husband from the sins of our parents and ancestors.In Jesus name I confess that I am a temple of the living God and God is dwelling in me and walking in me.

I confess God’s word and In Jesus Holy name I reject all types of Pregnancy complications ,pre-mature birth , physical and mental disabilties,infectious diseases, miscarriages, inherited sicknesses, every form of antenatal and postnatal infections ,birth defects, malfunction, any hormonal problem, pains and sufferings in my unborn baby, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ . In the name of Jesus Christ and through his powerful Blood I and my unborn baby is blessed to have a heavenly care and perfect health. My safety comes from the Lord I will have safe delivery. I apply the blood of Jesus Christ to every hidden sickness in my life as well as my unborn baby’s life. Let the blood of Jesus Christ stand between and any sickness and diseases that could possiblely come against us.Lord bless me to nurse my baby with my breast milk, until my baby is satisfied.

Lord, every Evil inner voice speaking discouragement, sickness and disease, negative dreams and imaginations, unbelief and impossibility to my safe delivery be silenced, in the name of Jesus Christ and through his Powerful Blood. Lord, you are my Dwelling Place, and I rest in the knowledge that evil will not come near me and no sickness or infirmity will strike me or my unborn child. I confess that my child will be born healthy and completely whole.

Lord Jesus, in Your Holy Name, I bind all evil spirits ,natural disaster, any evil men, accidents ,coming against me , my unborn child, my husband and my daughter .Bless my Children to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and to be a testimony for God’s glory ,honour and blessings to our family.

In the name of Jesus Christ let my womb be covered with the precious blood of Jesus Christ, hear the word of the Lord be filled with the Holy Spirit even from the womb who is a chosen by god, called for royal priesthood. I commit my unborn child to You, Father, and pray that he will grow and call me blessed.

Lord JESUS, I cover myself and my family members and my unborn child with the Blood of JESUS and ask for holy angels to be placed around us as a hedge of protection to Protect us from all evils and dangers.

I cast all the care and burden of this pregnancy over You, Lord for You are our refuge and our fortress.

May all my family members stand united in Christ Jesus when we face any kind of trials and troubles together. Father, in Jesus’ name, I thank you for my unborn child and for my family members. Thank You, Jesus! Amen.

  1. Inlove is due next month.
    Please pray and wish for a easy & safe delivery for our Inlove.

    Inlove, Have a SAFE & EASY Delivery!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. Inlove i will pray for you and to your little one.

    Have a safe delivery


  3. ILWML,

    Good Wishes for a pain-free delivery and Healthy baby !

  4. Best wishes, Inlove, for having a healthy baby and a safe delivery… And our prayers are with u as well… Do keep us posted, one way or the other… And come back here soon… lots of love to you and your LO!
  5. ILWML – Pls think of our TR during labour. It will help ease the whole process!

    Jokes apart, I am sure you will have a smooth delivery! May God be with you and your little one! All the best!

  6. my heartly wishes to u….god will give u pain free delivery and healthy baby….
    keep updating once u recover…..
  7. Dear INLove,

    Have a happy and Safe delivery. Our best wishes and prayers will be with you!!! Take plenty of rest and come back with a bang..

    With lots of love


  8. Inlove, wish you a safe and easy delivery..and a healthy baby.. May God bless you and the little one
  9. Inlove is due next month.

    Inlove, Have a SAFE & EASY Delivery!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!

    Click to expand…

    Puni, thank you so much for this… I really never expected this dear… … Its a big surprise for me… Thank you soo sooo much… Thanks for all the love, prayers and wishes…

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