A soliders prayer

I saw this on Facebook. I am not sure where it came from or who done this. But I do like this and think it is a good idea. This picture has a suit case full of these army men. I remember as a child playing these army men. They are not expensive army men either.

There is a picture that says …

We do need to remember to pray for our men and women who are fighting for our country to continue to give us the freedoms we do have. You might not like the reason they are fighting, but they are there to help make sure we stay free in this country. We need to pray for them daily for their safety and thanking them for their service. Some men and women don’t get to make it home! We honor these men and women on Memorial Day. Then those that do get to make it home, we honor on Veterans Day.

I always say thank you to a veteran I see wearing a veteran hat. Not to mention, I let them know I am thankful for their service to our country. I encourage you to do the same. I even do this to firemen and police officers. There are many other ways to show military appreciation too!

Below is that image.

a soliders prayer

Pray for our Soldiers Box

This would be a great idea to put up at your church, your local ministry or just anywhere.

A great way to help us remember to pray for those who is away from their family, friends, church and more to protect our country to help keep our freedom. Maybe you put this Take home a solider idea at your church, business or ministry office.

Take home a solider looks very easy to make. Just take an old suitcase or the like. You can make your own sign on what to do. Those army men usually are rather cheap too.

I am sure if you could find firemen and policemen like these army men, you could incorporate also for praying for our firemen, firewomen, policemen and policewomen too.

If anyone knows who this belongs to, please let me know so I can give proper credit where credit is due.

First published May 30, 2016. Last republished or updated May 29, 2017.

Happy Memorial Day

We Salute our Veterans – Happy Veterans Day

Military Appreciation


Laurie Boyd shared this on Facebook and gave me permission to share the post and the two photos below. (Maryville, TN)

We had an AWESOME experience today!

We went into Maryville DQ. On the counter was a little toy soldier. I told the server …..That’s not my soldier. He said …..it’s not….. a gentleman…. a regular………retired Air Force man asked if he could leave this on the counter. I read it and told him we pray for our soldiers all the time. We told him about our son n law ❤️ and how he just left for a TDY to Alaska. We told him we were getting ready to head south to visit the daughter and grand babies and help out with a few things. He said he too was thinking about going into the military. We sat down to eat our ice cream and about 5 min. later a different man comes over and says I understand your SNL just went into the Air Force We explained he had been in the Air Force for over 15 years but had just left for Alaska. He wanted us to thank MSgt. Zak for his service. ❤️. He too was retired from the Air Force. All this conversation and encouragement over one little toy soldier with a very special tag attached to it. Thank you sir for taking the time to drop off the toy soldier. Please share this so that we never forget the sacrifices the soldiers AND their family’s make every day. Oh and one more very important thing…….please pray for our soldiers. 🙏🏻

a soliders prayer

Photo Credit: Laurie Boyd a soliders prayerPhoto Credit: Laurie Boyd

First published May 29, 2017. Last updated or republished September 21, 2018.

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in her torn pocket sack  just five pennies  the issue, pressing  daddy  daddy why she said  i learned to love the idea of a soldier   but i fear new teachings  the heart explodes  and then loathes, the black door opens    tears soak his wife's silk blouse  his daughters' dreams did as planes do, crashed    the soldier does not come home alive  for it was already too late-yesterday....                                 

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