A prayer to find love

by Monica (United Kingdom)

Brothers and sisters in Christ I ask for your prayers. I am a young 25 year old woman. I have many friends and an amazing family that I am truly blessed to have, but one thing I really want is a partner. I have never been in a relationship before so i have never been in love..

This upsets me as I feel like I have a lot to give and would love to share my life experiences with someone.
I feel myself getting jealous of my friends in their relationships as I am the only one who’s single – and always have been. I hate the person im becoming because of it. Im jealous, envoious and as a christian, it is not right.

However, things changed recently. The Lord sent me someone that I am absolutely in awe of. I met him unexpectedly, and I absolutely love everything about him and its funny as I wouldnt describe him as someone I would naturally be drawn to, but I am. We’ve dated a few times and I love spending time with him. However, I don’t know if he feels the same way and its driving me insane. I find myself overanalysing every message, every situation and it’s gotten to the point that I’m so worried about him not liking me, that if things don’t work out, it’ll absolutely break my heart. The thought of him with another Woman almost sickens me. It’s really scaring me how emotional I am about it and I don’t want any of this to spoil anything that can potentially become of this.

I have made a couple of mistakes in my life – completely unrelated to love and relationships – that I confessed in church begged for the lords forgiveness. I honestly hope he did… but can’t help but feel like I’m getting what I deserve by being single.. I feel like things might not work out with this guy, because I dont deserve it.

I ask again for the lords forgiveness and I pray that he gives me strength in this situation. I pray that my guy feels the same way about me but if for whatever reason he doesn’t, Lord I beg you PLEASE give me the strength to get through it. Im weak as it is, but this would break me. Please help me to stay faithful and accept the situation. I am a child of god and I want to do what I can to make you happy. Please rid me of my jealousy and reassure me that you are with me regardless. I love you and thank you for what I already have. Please join me in prayers brothers and sisters that I may find love with my guy, or to remain faithful and strong if it doesn’t work out. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


Dear God,

Help me today to understand what love really means.

I don’t mind the red and pink, the plentiful chocolates, and construction paper hearts. I don’t mind that the florists are having a lucrative day. I don’t mind whatever romantic comedy will be coming out in theaters, whatever beautiful heroine falls in love with a hunky hero even though they started out as enemies. I don’t mind the corny poetry and sappy love songs and interminable kissing. I think love is allowed to include all of these things.

But I need for love to be so much more.

I need a love that will still be there when the film credits have rolled, when the orchestra music fades away, when the stage makeup has been rubbed off and all our blemishes are in plain sight. I need a love that can handle my ordinariness. I need a love for unflattering bathrobes and bad hair days, a love that satisfies even when all the chocolate runs out.

I need a love that goes on living when the flowers are dead and buried in the compost heap.

I need a love that’s big enough to include all of us. Big enough for the dating and engaged couples, of course, with their giddy daydreams of a future together. But also big enough for the married folks, whether their passion for each other is still blazing brightly or barely more than a smoldering wick. Big enough for the singles toasting their independence, and for the singles wishing someone would come along and make that independence disappear.

For the lonely and widowed and brokenhearted, I need a love that understands, a love that welcomes in hurt and sorrow instead of excluding them. I need a love that knows how to weep.

I’m not against the simple, butterflies-in-the-stomach love that Valentine’s Day celebrates. I don’t need to be a cynic, scoffing at dewy-eyed youngsters as they trade love notes and bouquets. But if I let my view of love be determined by Valentine’s Day, both I and the world around me will miss out on so much as a result. I need a love that is better than flowers and candy, deeper than boy meets girl, stronger than romance. I need enormous, universe-consuming love—the kind of love that is far too big for any one relationship to contain.

The love I need more than anything is Your love. Without Your love, no other love will ever be sufficient. And with it, every other love becomes richer and truer and more life-giving than it could have been otherwise. We have learned all our best loves from You: the love of faithful friends, of spouses and significant others, of parents and siblings and children. Love that commits. Love that sacrifices. Love that lays down its life. You authored each of these loves, taught us how to recognize them and long for them and give them away. Our best efforts at Valentine’s Day are just a fraction of the wholeness of love.

So today, I ask that you would refresh my vision of love. Remind me of the love that fashioned me in my mother’s womb and dreamed up beautiful plans for my life. Remind me of the love that wept when humanity fell, the love that still weeps each time I break Your heart. Remind me of the love that sent heaven’s royal Son to inhabit our humble Earth. Remind me of the love that died to carry me home.

Today, let everything I see remind me of Your love.

Give me eyes to see the red and pink, the flowers and chocolates, the blossoming romances, as tiny windows into Your limitless love. Let me see the image of God in the faces of the people around me, in the hopeless romantics at their candlelit dinners and the cynics at home with a pint of cheap ice cream. Let me see You in the construction paper hearts awkwardly delivered on the playground, in the crayon scrawl of “Be My Valentine.” In our imperfect love, let me glimpse Your perfect love.

Fill me with that love until I am saturated. And then keep on pouring, until I’m overflowing and flooding my surroundings, until I can’t help but give Your love away to others.

Give me love for those who are easy to love and for those who are difficult. Give me love for my enemies, a love that confounds feelings and explanations. Make me love You so deeply that it becomes impossible not to love anyone created in Your image.

Let today be a day for love. Real love. Big love. Your love.

Gregory Coles is an author and an English instructor at Penn State University. Learn more at www.gregorycoles.com.

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Publication date: February 7, 2017

Love prayers are magical requests which seeks to achieve a certain person’s love. Love prayers can be performed as part of a tie of love or individually. The power of some of the prayers of love that I show you now is such that often seem miraculous. It is necessary to make them following the directions that I show you step by step. Love prayers can be used towards someone in particular or in general to get love in our life.

Different varieties of prayers of love come doing for millennia. The earliest examples that remain belong to the Sumerian culture of southern Mesopotamia, where fragments of prayers of love in mud in cuneiform tablets have been found. However, it is possible to tell safely that this type of prayers had been doing since before the discovery of the Scripture and that the fact that most ancient prayers of love are not preserved is due to writing had not yet been developed and the oral tradition has not been able to keep them during the intervening millennia. Examples of prayers of love are also in the magical traditions of the ancient Egyptian and Greece, in the Tibetan magic and magical Japanese shinto tradition, where the intercessions the goddess Amaterasu are common in not-matched lovers.

The power of prayer of love depends on the power of the magical entity entreat that her intercession for us. Superior magical entities offer most powerful results, even though they require more intense prayers of love that drink of ancient magical traditions. The action of inferior magical entities tends to be easiest to achieve, even though they may be only effective for simple cases, where the person who you want to fall in love with has a most likely will. Examples of prayers that we show you here are the most powerful that it currently has and that have been rescued from the ancient magical traditions.

How to perform prayers of love

a prayer to find love

The prayers of love must be done alone. If you want to get the love of a man, the best time is midnight and they must occur when there is a full moon. If you want to fall in love with a woman, the prayer of love should be at noon when the moon phase corresponds to the new moon. This is because that the prayers of love looking for the magical action of female or male entities according to the person who you want to fall in love with. In the case of men, the Moon represents the deity of femininity that seeks to act for us, while the Sun represents the current will of the loved one that you want to change, so that the prayer of love must be carried out when the power of the Moon is greater and the Sun is lower. Conversely, when it comes to fall in love with a woman is sought to be the power of the Sun as much as possible to the moon. Apart from this, the rituals of love towards a man are more effective in winter, when the Moon is high in the night sky and the Sun is lower during the day. On the contrary, prayer of love to fall in love with a woman will be more effective during the summer, the Moon by night is lower, while the Sun crosses the sky at its zenith.

The realization of the prayer of love must carry out in a solitary room with an exterior window that be possible of eastward, since ya que esta is is the address by which are born both the Sun and the moon. Facing East, the person performing the prayer has to prostrate themselves on his knees to show his subservience to the magical entity to which you want to plead their action. The person should get their hands one against to another, touching on the palms and pointing the finger upward. They should then close your eyes and repeat the prayer of love loud and clear, but without yelling. The prayer should have been memorized. If the prayer is carried out looking at text on paper or on one screen will not have any validity and we could alienate the magical entity that we want your help. This point is essential and in many sites forget to mention it. If you don’t want to memorize the prayer of love it is better that not you provide the ritual at all rather than make it to reading the text. If you are not able to memorize a prayer to get to your beloved it is simply because does not want it to enough and therefore do not deserve it. Any magical entity will help you in that case.

Then I present two prayers. The first should be used in the event that you want to get the love of a particular person. It is prayer seeks to instill feelings of love in that person to who performs the spell. The pray must be carried out following the earlier recommendations, taking into account the time of day and the lunar phase depending on the sex of the person origin of prayer.

Dear God.I pray with all humility and pain that attacks my heart you confidently by me.I pray with all humility and pain that attacks my heart you earn that you love me.I pray with all humility and pain that attacks my heart from you to give me your heart.I pray with all humility and pain that attacks my heart us some forever.Dear God.Amen. The second prayer is for the case that is desired to get love in our lives, finding the person that we enamoraremos and that will love us forever. Similarly, in this case it is essential to follow the recommendations I have outlined above.

Dear God.Loving essence of everything. Please, fills my heart with your holy presence.Loving essence of everything. Please fill my empty cup of love.Loving essence of everything. Please, loving my lonely nights.Loving essence of everything. Please, full of hugs my naked body.Loving essence of everything. Please, love filled my soul that falters.Whatever pure, love you bring as your offer to men.Dear God.Amen. Prayer of love has to be repeated only once. Once completed must remain in the same position for a few minutes, leaving the peace of love reaches our hearts. After reflection we will make a reverence and after opening the eyes, we will stand, concluding prayer of love.

Here ends this article about prayers for love, you can continue reading this site to find more about magic for love and couples.

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Write to me at [email protected] once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

Hi everyone. I was born in Brazil so many years ago. There I made my first steps in religion and witchcraft. I traveled the world learning from great masters. In 1966 I lived in Haiti and Cuba for a while, learning Afro-american rituals, like voodo and santería, then I moved to the United States to learn the Wicca Religion. Since ’70s I’m helping people of good heart finding love, money, luck or whatever their need. Welcome to my site and Blessings.


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