A prayer for guidence

My heart is so very heavy right now I am feeling at a loss in a way. There is something going on in my life and the life of a few others that really needs prayer. I pray and ask for u all to pray that God intervines and has His will with all of this. I pray that He and i know He does have His hand in this as we speak. There are alot of changes going on at work and alot of things going on we do not understand and frankly it’s scarey just need prayer and guidence from our Lord to get through this. I pray for my co-workers, director , the owner’s of the school everyone involved to be lead by the spirt of God and have their hands and feet be guided only for the good. I rebuke the devil out of our school away from us and our kids just to leave as we speak this in God’s name. I pray that our wonderful children will not be effected in anyway shape or form and we can continue to teach, guide, lead, and care for these kids each and everyday. I pray that the lord will renew a spirt and peace over the school . amen.


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